Themes and areas of interest include but are not limited to the following:

Methodological advances in decision making and aid

  • Methodological advances in MCDM/MCDA
  • Methodological advances in GDN
  • Neuroscience and Decision

Decision models in the environmental context

  • Building Decision models in mitigation of climate changing and risk reduction of disturb due to flood in Brazilian cities
  • Building Decision models in for environmental policies, including water management

Decision models in the energy context

  • Decision models for renewable energy policies and alternative energy sources
  • Decision models in for planning and maintenance of energy systems
  • Decision models for technological risk, reliability and maintenance, in various systems, including nuclear energy, and renewable energy system
  • Integration of DEA and MCDM models

 Decision models in the service systems

  • Decision models for public security
  • Decision models for planning and management of national defense and security
  • Decision models for business strategic planning for using information technology
  • Decision models for planning and management of health systems

Potential Applications of Decision and Negotiation Models

  • Strategy
  • Quality
  • Logistics
  • Maintenance and Reliability
  • Risk management and risk analysis
  • Business
  • Public Policy
  • Project Management
  • Diplomacy and international relationships
  • Education
  • Water and natural resources
  • Sustainability
  • Software engineering
  • Interaction of human and software agents
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Auction theory
  • Collaboration engineering
  • Industry 4.0